Common Face

by Common Face

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Ryan Ward - Guitar, Vocals, Pedal Steel
Jimi Hencken - Percussion, Keys
Tim O'Connor - Bass, Cello


released February 3, 2010

Recorded by Jimi Hencken.
Mixed by Jimi Hencken and Matt Cangialosi.
Cover art by Ashley Tent.


tags: folk Neshanic


all rights reserved


Common Face Neshanic, New Jersey

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Track Name: Living and Dying Alone
The powers at be, they love misery, but my hands aren't clean- I'm in bed with it too- destroying ourselves, with nothing to do.
You might think that ain't true. Open your eyes, look around you. You might think, "No, not me." If you live well, you should feel sorry.
I know I don't speak for everyone. In fact, I quite often feel alone. And all these sad truths are bringing me down. Life's just a game where you work around them.
It's not the fault of anyone; it's just a sad phenomenon that power corrupts and greed divides- it'll exploit, it'll destroy you.
But my country don't give a fuck, and I know why. My country don't give a fuck 'cause we don't know what love is.
I know it's harsh, it's unfair. I know I'm a hypocrite. I know you don't care, but I'm on our side, and I speak the truth: you are the stranger, the stranger is you.
Track Name: Buried Alive
Once per moment, I'm projected into place from how I really exist: a pattern not in space, nor time. Time will trick you you into thinking you're alone, or believing you are different, when you couldn't be more wrong.
While pondering my sadness, the thought occurred to me that maybe we're all equal, in our deepest dreamless sleep. But it brought me little solace for all the other times, when our brotherhood's neglected, or, worse yet, undermined.
I hid my joy to keep it safe, but can't remember where. I thought it might be at home, but it's not there. So when you ask me how I feel, I make like I don't care. I hid my joy to keep it safe.
I lost my mind one night; I lost track of time, unsure which way was up or down. And I couldn't make a bit of sense of anything around. For all I know, I'm still there now.
So I can't stay here. I don't want to. And I know you're gonna to miss me, miss that part of you.
Track Name: Summer Waiting
I went away for to pretend you didn't leave. It didn't work. Now here I am knowing you left me.
So here I am, here I am, please don't cry. Here I am, here I am. Where am I?
You were so sweet when you took me into your home. I played for you, and sang to you every song I know. And Summer waited at the window where we slept, just making sure that we were peaceful in the bed.
So where'd you go? Here I am, please don't cry. Here I am, here I am. Where am I?
I went away just to ensure that you would see. It didn't work. Or was I testing you? Or did you test me? I thought I was smart, I thought I was right. I thought I'd be just fine, 'cause I didn't know, could not divine, I wouldn't stand the test of time. So where am I now?
I went away, telling myself I'd find you there. But you are gone, and I'm gone too. I don't know where.
Track Name: I Was
What have these circumstances made? Certainly not anything else, though maybe I'd prefer. Probably not anything anyone would like to hear about, but still I wonder: what I've become.
Were any of us different then? Well I guess, maybe we would prefer to think so. Probably not anything anyone would like to hear about, but still I wonder: what I was.
Track Name: Won't Come back
Today, I drove a thousand miles, and I won't come back... unless you ask me nice. This road's become my home, and I won't turn back... unless you want me to. 'Cause I'm a sucker for the distress of another. And it's been too long since I've known the thoughts of a lover.
So now I'm gonna devote myself to listening to you. The world's become my goal, and I won't make sense until I figure out: what I'm doing here, what we're doing here- I don't know. And how long will we go on alone?
Today, I drove a thousand miles, and I won't come back... unless you want me to.
Track Name: You-Knowverse
I'm thinking about all those memories that I've lost. If they were mine, and mine alone, are they true at all? If there's God, there's no me. And if there's time, there's no meaning.
I wonder how long time's been around. I know it's strange. No matter what the answer is, I know it's strange. I've never seen one example of creation. If ever there was nothing, I think there would still be: no you, no me, no us, no one, no world, no pain, no love, no form, no thought; nothing- just time.