Dog Heart

by Common Face

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    Common Face's first full-length album, full of songs about love and loss, written over the last two years.




Ryan Ward - Guitar, Vocals, Pedal Steel
Jimi Hencken - Percussion, Keys
Tim O'Connor - Bass, Cello


released July 29, 2010

Recorded/mixed by James Hencken and Anthony O'Connor.
Cover art by Laura Sly.


tags: folk Neshanic


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Common Face Neshanic, New Jersey

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Track Name: Neshanic Elation (If I Wanted To)
It's 2- in the morning, or 1- in midday. I ain't doin' nothin', so I'll be on my way. I walk down to meet you where I always do, not surprised to find you waiting for me.
You know how to cheer me up when I'm feeling low; if I came to you with a problem, I'd leave without one. Sure, you're not perfect, but nothing is.
So if I wanted to, could I write a song about you?
There's no one around but I don't feel alone. The sun finds the Earth, and I know I'm home again. I walk down to meet you, like I always do, not surprised to find you waiting.
You always know just how to be to make me feel so free. You can be the universe, and I'll be a star. And sure, we're not perfect, but for each other..
So if I wanted to, I could write a song about you:
The way your streets light up from the moon above, and your fireflies bring me home. Yeah, I wanna stay in your simple way and get swallowed up by your big blue sky. 'Cause your trees, they speak to me, and maintain authority over the passing trains and all your still, white plains. And you've watched me grow. Now I will protect you. And if you hold me up, I will walk with you. You've been there for me. Now I will honor you. And if you keep me up, I will talk to you.
So if I wanted to, could I come home to you? Would you take me in, make me whole again?
Track Name: Alright
In a spell, I've got a sickness; I don't move, I don't get up. Call me up and get me moving. Show me love or call my bluff.
You don't need to 'cause you don't see me.
Asked my friends, who said to give up, walk away, and don't look back. But it's hard to make your mind up when you don't know where you're at. And it's always dark around here now, but I find myself awake anyhow. And I haven't talked to you in days- the days feel like years that I've been awake..
I asked your friends, who said they lost you in the woods right by the path. They turned around and couldn't find you. They heard you scream, they heard you laugh. 'Cause you don't know what it's all about, but you'll be damned if you don't find out. And you'd risk losing anything to find out just what risk might bring.
You don't need me 'cause you don't see me.
Track Name: Thanks for Loving Me
I had a moment alone with some curious thoughts. I felt unaccomplished; I felt I hadn't done my part. "What is my part exactly," I've tried to figure out, and, "are there parts?" Are there parts? I get hung up on wondering about this sort of thing. Sometimes I feel so helpless, so thanks for loving me. You clear my head of worry, of doubt, of pain, of fear all at once, and you make it look easy..
So I don't really care what we do. I'm so happy I'm gonna be with you. No, I don't really care what we do, 'cause I know I am going to see you soon.
My mind is prone to wander, as I mentioned before. I get stuck in the past, sometimes the future, and what's more, it takes a while to think, "Hey, what am I getting stuck for?" I might be going nowhere. But I wonder where the love is in all this great, big world; why selfishness is common, and why empathy is not; and where the hell does time go? and how about things we say? They disappear; they're not here.
So I don't really care what we say, 'cause I know I am going to see you today. No, I don't really care what we say, 'cause I'm gonna see you later anyway.
Sometimes I come over uninvited, and you look so surprised, and we're both feeling so excited, and you've got that look in your eyes. So you walk over, and I kiss you. In my head are big explosions. And you wrap your arms around me, and I get to feel the greatest of emotions, which reminds me how I want to be more than just a logical machine; there's a crucial part in the human heart; there's a careful balance I hope we all are. It is of love and reason. Sometimes you get hate, but we ain't got no room for that, 'cause this love and reason are gonna take up all the space. And sometimes you get greed, but we ain't got no time for that, 'cause this love and reason are gonna last forever.
Track Name: Son
I am the son in an empty room.* I've been alone for far too long, and no one knows 'cause I'm empty too. I am the son in an empty room.
I am the moon in a starless sky, and all my tears, they make the tides. I'm frozen white stolen sunlight. I am the son in an empty room.
And I don't hear you coming when you're walking up the stairs, 'cause you're a ghost in here, and you don't make a sound. And you don't see me watching- like a child, I stare at you- 'cause I am just a boy, and you're my hero.
I am the grief, coming on in waves. I try to stop, but these waves, they break. And down the drain, the water moves. I am the son in an empty room.
(I am the sun, on a plain white wall. And from downstairs, I hear you call, but just stay still, 'cause walls don't talk. I am the son, in an empty room.)

*inspired by: "Sun in an Empty Room" - The Weakerthans
Track Name: Make Me Love You
Hey, can I call you? Hey, will you like me? How can I ask you if you won't judge me? I don't know the way you are. Please don't dismiss me.
You aren't so happy. Well, I can fix that, and maybe offer something different. I don't know the way you are, but I couldn't like you more so far, and I know that this might sound bizarre: the future's making me love you..
If you aren't busy, could I come over and win your lonely affection, lover?
I should have written this years ago, but only had a feeling; I couldn't have known. Now you're in my bad dreams, and I have a lot. It's just my minds way to balance things out, 'cause I try to be happy when I'm awake.
I guess all I'm really trying to say is: My baby, you made me love you.
Track Name: Went a Ways
I burned my feet in lava when you kicked me out of your bed. I touched down in a lunar lander, and I stayed on the moon through winter.
I froze up in the cold space when you kicked me out of your head. I float on to another place and ask everyone I face:
What's love like on Earth? And tell me what this love is worth- elusive, unstable, uncertain, so simple, but so difficult, just so..
I played my song for you at nighttime. You said you didn't like how said it was. I said, "I can't help it," and that I'm, "just being honest." You said, "What's the matter dear?" So I confessed all my worries and fears, and I felt a little better. The world it turned, and the world it burned. We didn't hear it; we were sleeping.
Track Name: God Man
There once was a man who grew until he died, and I wish that I were him. He was like a god until his last day, then was vanquished from within.
'Round and 'round I go. Oh no- I've been here before and I don't wanna be anymore.
There once was a boy who knew no one. All alone, he thought, just because. So he talked to himself, and he lied to himself. And I wonder who he was..
'Round and 'round he goes. Oh no- he's been there before and he don't wanna be anymore.
I asked you a question you didn't know the answer to. You might not remember; I might never know you.
'Round and 'round we go. Oh no- we've been here before and I don't wanna be.
Track Name: Alone
My spirit is quiet like the dog I share it with. And he don't know.. My effort was tireless, like the car I drove into the ground. I drove around alone.
My spirit is quietest when I walk around Neshanic. I walk around alone. And my whimpers of helplessness go unheard like those of a hound in a pound. And he lays down alone.
Track Name: Losing Time
I used to move when we were sleeping. You weren't supposed to move away. It was fun when we were playing, now it's hard every day to think about. My heart is gone, and I've lost my mind. I've lost you. Now I'm just losing time. I don't know what to do. I've lost you. Now I wanna die.
I've fallen down and I can't look up- there's nothing to see. I don't know how I feel about love. What am I to believe? "Love is real," and, "real is love"*? Tell me, how is that not good enough?

*"Love"- John Lennon